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Ready for Coaching?

Coaching can help take you from “functioning” to “flying high!”  Whether you are at the top if your game and want to stay there with less worry, effort and strain or you are hovering on the tipping point of a total flaming burnout, if you are ready to make changes and make it happen, coaching may be just the thing for you.

To get more clarity, ask yourself a few questions.

Have you had enough of stress, struggle and exhaustion?

Are you ready to break free from the endless cycle of taking on more and more, working harder, working faster, working more; only to wonder why you keep doing it – over and again?

Do you sometimes feel like everyone loves your life except you? Is it time to stop living up to everyone’s expectations except your own?

Are you ready to break through the limiting beliefs and false interpretations that have held you back from the life you truly desire?

Are you ready to break through to real freedom, happiness snd success that actually feels like success, starting today? If so, know that you can. I know you can. I did it and I have helped people at every level do it, too. I am here and ready to coach you through, so you can make it happen!

My mission and my purpose are to help you be who you were meant to be and to create your ideal life of passion, purpose and freedom. I am here to challenge, champion and cheer you on to an amazing life that is ideal for you. You are going to love it. You just have to make that first step and take action. Now is the perfect time, so go ahead make that call.

To make things different, you have to do something different. What are you waiting for?

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Still not sure? Here are a few typical scenarios in which coaching with me can be extremely effective:

Does this sound like you? If so, you are not alone!         Imagine the possibilities when you Break-Free!
“I have a great job, a fantastic family and I am committed to helping in my community. I just wish I could manage it all a little better. I always feel torn between my work, my family and needing a little time for myself Imagine doing work you love, spending quality time with your family and having time and energy for yourself and the other things you are passionate about.

You don’t have to live for your work or give up your career to have a life. And you don’t have to be overcommitted or burned out to have both! Let me help you create your own personal ideal-life “Break Free” blueprint-designed to include everything you value most.

“I have to play a role, if I want to move up the career ladder. I am a completely different person in the office, than I am at home.” Imagine what your life would be like if your daily actions were truly aligned with what’s most important to you, your core values and your life goals.
“Busy Season? It’s not a season, it’s a way of life! Sometimes I feel like I am just functioning and racing through my own life.” Imagine what it would be like for you to be fully present and actually experience your day, rather than rushing from one commitment to the next.
“ I just can’t keep going like this. One minute I think I have it all under control, the next minute I think I might crash and burn. I am physically and mentally drained.” Imagine how great it would feel, how liberating it would be, to regain control of your life and manage your job, your family and your social life without constant stress and endless exhaustion.
“I honestly hate my job, but I am really moving up the ladder and I earn a great salary. I can’t expect to be successful and happy too. Imagine that you are able to live your life’s purpose, achieve your goals, finally feel successful and truly enjoy and love your life. Anything you can imagine, you can achieve.

Yes, you can be successful AND happy AND make a difference in the world. You have one life and a choice – don’t settle for less.

Find out how coaching with me can take you from imagining your ideal-life to living it.
Call to schedule your free consultation today,
+ 49 176 556 19 112

Now is the time to make it happen!