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You invite. Denise Speaks & Delivers.
Denise creates custom-content and delivery for Workshops • Interactive Lectures •and Keynote Addresses.  Her message is well suited for various sizes and types of audiences including Corporate Offices • Non-profit Organizations • Business Events  •  Women’s Organizations • and Business and Professional Associations. Denise’s messages are infused with her unique blend of subtle humor, charm, expert knowledge and personal insight.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Denise’s services are available WORLD-WIDE in ENGLISH or GERMAN language.
INVITE DENISE to speak at your next event.  Your audience will THANK YOU.

Denise has Credentials.
Denise is a Certified Personal and Professional Development Coach, Consultant and Speaker. She is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with over two decades experience in the corporate world.

Denise earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Management and Technology from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) jointly from The Berlin School of Law and Economics (Berlin, Germany) and Anglia Ruskin Polytechnic University (Cambridge and Chelmsford, UK). Denise is a Certified Graduate of the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Denise Knows.
Denise  knows the power of PURPOSE and PASSION and the FREEDOM of living a life that is IDEAL FOR YOU. She knows about DRIVE and DETERMINATION, ENGAGEMENT, COMMITMENT and RESILIENCE.

In 18 months Denise completed an international MBA program in two countries, planned a wedding, gave birth to a baby and was recognized for her volunteer community involvement, all while raising a 12-year old, managing a multi-million dollar non-profit fundraising campaign and working a full-time corporate job. It was not always as easy it sounds.

Denise Connects, Engages & Empowers.
Denise has combined her knowledge, expertise, experience and skills with her desire and commitment to Serve, Inspire and Empower the world around her. Her soul’s calling is now her full-time vocation – a life and career that reflect her values and who she is. It is this authenticity that allows her to connect and engage with your audience and deliver a powerful message that serves and empowers them.

What happens when your life, your work and your values are out of sync?  Your health, your relationships and your career suffer. STRESS, STRUGGLE and BURNOUT are the outcomes. Denise shares her insight and lessons on AUTHENTICITY and LOVING YOURSELF as well as tips and strategies to ACHIEVE ANYTHING you really want, AVOID OVERCOMMITMENT and PREVENT BURNOUT. Denise believes that we all simply want to LIVE LIFE to the fullest.  She will teach your audience to get off the sidelines, into the game and to play like their lives depend on it – because they do.

Others Speak About Denise.

 “The workshop was fantastic! Everything was perfect. I learned so much and I really couldn’t believe how clearly I was able to immerse myself in the vision of my ideal life. I was never able to do that until today with you (Denise). I will start taking action immediately.”
– Kerstin S., workshop participant

“Denise`s openness and friendliness created a great atmosphere. The presentation was very well structured. She set some new thought processes in motion with me.”
– Michael W., client

 “Thank you, Denise! I could not believe how powerful it was and it was exactly what I needed.”
– Veronika, lecture participant

“Denise makes you believe you can do anything you set your mind to.”
 – Jennifer S., client

 “We wanted to offer women something new and different which would be of personal benefit to them.  Denise connected with the audience in a way that was very helpful.  The evening was most positively received.”
– Barbara Mallory, Chair / Jeannie McClung, Secretary, Christian Women in Berlin, reg. assoc., lecture hosts

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Practical applications and actionable steps are integral to each of Denise’s presentations and workshops. Everyone gets value and at least one take-away lesson that makes it all worthwhile at a personal level.

From OVER-Commitment to Burnout
You Forgot Your Pants?! Have you ever been so stretched and overcommitted, that you left your home in your undergarments?!  True story.  Have you ever felt like you give all you’ve got but 110%, twenty-four-seven, is never enough?  This lecture will help you:
UNDERSTAND what drives you to overcommit and the correlation to burnout
RECOGNIZE  the causes and contributing factors of BURNOUT and

You’re (Not) the ONE – Overcoming the IMPOSTER SYNDROME
“I’m not a success – I’m a fraud!” What do over 70 % of all high achievers have in common? Yeah, at one time or another they have been scared SHINELESS! Stricken with the IMPOSTER SYNDROM, they become overwhelmed by the feeling of “being a fraud”, with all amassed achievements and accolades attributed to luck or simply not having been “found out” yet. This lecture empowers the audience to put the imposter syndrome in check and prevent prolonged anxiety, a decline in the ability to deliver top performance, unconscious self-sabotaging behavior and a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

Embrace Authenticity, Leverage Top Performance
Close the Gap between the results of standardized, objective assessment and the reality of human individuality and the innate drive to express who we are. “I have to wear a mask” is a comment often made by business professionals, yet AUTHENTICITY often rates highly on our list of personal values. Assessment centers help deliver perfect cookie-cutter candidates to organizations’ doorsteps, but there is often a disconnection between the results of standardized, objective assessment and the reality of human individuality and the innate drive to express who we are. That gap throttles Employee Engagement, undermines individual Performance and compromises Personal Well-Being. It substantially minimizes and even reduces an organization’s Return on Investments in personnel acquisition, employee development and retention. Engagement and high Employee Performance demands alignment between the Individual and the Organizational Values. This lecture is your first step toward CLOSING THE GAP.

Make It Happen! – Create your Ideal Life From Vision to Action
Dive into your ideal life vision and leave with a blue-print to MAKE IT HAPPEN! From POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY  to the LAW OF ATTRACTION, from INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to  ACTION, this workshop reveals all you need to know to design and manifest the ideal life you really want. This workshop is customizable for individual VIP days as well as group workshops.