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About Denise

Welcome! I am Denise Banks-Grasedyck.

The most important thing to know about me is that I am here to support you.
It’s time to break free from the stories and the limiting beliefs you have been accepting for far too long. It’s time to break through the barriers that keep you in a place where you have to struggle (even if no one else sees it) and pretend to be someone you are not, because despite all your work and achievements, you still don’t feel successful. It’s time to change that and bring out the authentic, natural leader inside of you.

I’m your personal FREEDOM FIGHTER.

I will coach and guide you to clarity. Then I will give you the tools and teach you the skills you need to get from where you are to where you want to be. And I will champion, challenge and cheer you all the way to your goal line! I might even use pompoms – because when it comes to your success, I’m all in if you are!

Want to be free to be who you are and finally  feel successful? Ok. Want better relationships at home and at work? Ok. Want to have less stress, more energy and get off the fast track to burnout? Ok, let’s do it!

I’ve got expertise, skills and experience in coaching, training, in business and in life. I understand you. I see you – the real you. I know what it feels like when you are not living a life that reflects your full potential and what you value most.

I know what it is like to dream of a life of freedom and purpose, one that you know makes a difference in the world, while you experience success according to your own definition. I know what if feels like when that dream comes true. I want that for you. You deserve that.

I am committed to your success – success as YOU define it before we even take any other action.

I believe that to be truly successful, you have to take a strategic view of your life. You have to know what you want and what is non-negotiable. I will guide you around the wheel of life and help you create your life’s blueprint. It will be your true-North to guide you as you continue to set goals and take action aligned with the results you want, even long after we stop working together.
When you do the work, expect amazing results that last. The more you invest of yourself, the bigger your return on that investment.

I bring my authentic best to you- including my (sometimes odd) sense of humor. Make the best of it!

Designing a life, a business or a career that you love is all serious business, but you can and should still have fun and enjoy the process.  Be open, bring your humor, your creativity and all of your gifts to the table and I will bring mine.

Be curious. We’ll combine analysis with intuition to create great things and next level paradigms in a space where science and art meet emotion and action.

I can hardly wait to meet you.

Be quick about it! Whether you are considering my services for yourself or your team, don’t wait another day. The time will never be “just right”. 

To arrange a consultation call me today at +49 176 556 19 112 or fill out the CONTACT FORM and I will contact you as soon as possible.
(If you don’t have the two minutes it takes to fill out the form, you need me more than you realize.)

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Official Bio

Denise Banks-Grasedyck is a certified professional coach, consultant and speaker. She specializes in personal and professional development. She offers mindset coaching, leadership coaching and personal and professional development training.

Denise employs a holistic approach which utilizes a solution-focused Core Energy (TM) coaching process and techniques as well as expert consulting techniques to address themes of personal engagement,  authenticity, personal power, emotional intelligence and values-based leadership, in both private and corporate settings.

She facilitates the alignment of goals and actions with core values to ensure that the results you get, are the sustainable transformational results that you want.

Denise earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Management and Technology from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) jointly from The Berlin School of Law and Economics (Berlin, Germany) and Anglia Ruskin Polytechnic University (Cambridge and Chelmsford, UK). Denise is a certified graduate of the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Want to know more about Denise?

Denise has more than 22 years of experience in client-facing roles in the professional service industry. She started in banking and later moved to a member firm of the Big Four consulting and auditing firms. Denise’s deep desire to help others, her strong commitment to fairness and equality, her ability to listen deeply and hear beyond what is spoken, as well as her skill in facilitating and mediating “fierce and compassionate communication”.